Professional Traffic Film Removers

Commercial Vehicle Cleaning


Epuma offers a full comprehensive range of Traffic Film Removers (TFR's) for hot and cold water applications through high pressure cleaning equipment, from non caustic traffic film removers through to high alkaline traffic film remover products to remove the most stubborn traffic film and grease and are available in 25lts, 200lts and IBC's (Intermediate Bulk Containers). Our traffic film removers and degreasers can remove stubborn traffic film, dirt, fly splats and grime from all types of paint finish. For cleaning light commercials and 40ton articulated lorries with curtain sides we have the ideal traffic film remover to perform to the highest standards and give the best results! Unique gloss enhancers and shine additives are added to enhance paintwork, repel water and keep the vehicle cleaner longer and also incorporate rinse aids to help with the final rinse.

Commercial Vehicle Cleaning Chemicals

Fleet Clean

Our standard Traffic Film Remover and Degreaser. This is a versatile product ideal for fleet users or various fleet size and a combination of vehicles. Economical in use and mild alkaline.

Super Clean

Our Top selling non caustic Traffic Film Remover. Super Clean is a powerful detergent with wax and rinse aid. Ideal for cleaning cars, vans and vehicles with sensitive paint work or delicate livery. After a few washes you will notice a difference in the shine of the vehicle keeping it cleaning longer and enhancing the appearance.

Power Pro Ultra

A strong powerful alkaline traffic film remover, ideal for curtain sided vehicles, box vans and tippers. Rinse aid speeds up final cleaning price.

Activo Hi Foaming TFR

A high foaming non caustic Traffic Film Remover, this amazing product produces “shaving foam” like foam for cleansing vehicles and conditioning paint work when used through a foaming lance. Espuma was one of the first companies to develop this product and today is a firm favourite for professional valeters and detailers across the country. The foam helps to break down dirt and road film by obtaining longer dwell time and not drying out on the vehicle.



Valeting Products

Espuma valeting products are designed to enhance vehicles and make them look more desirable. Our valeting product range has been carefully selected to give uncompromised performance and versatility. All our valeting products are designed for the professional valeter to make their job easy and complement their skill that only a true professional would appreciate. From car wash products for the hand car wash to the most obsessive dedicated car care detailer and professional valeter, we have the best valeting products available for all. 

Car Shampoo and Wax

A premium quality car shampoo and wax for manually car washing vehicles, after rinsing leave in direct sunlight for the wax to cure, leaving a high gloss finish which repels water and enhances appearance.

Shampoo Conditioner Astro

A neutral pH shampoo conditioner for cleansing paintwork manually with a bucket and sponge or cloth. Including our famous rinse aid for quicker rinsing. can also be used through a pressure washer.


Tar & Glue Remover

Fast acting solvents removes stubborn tar, glue and bitumen from hard or painted surfaces.

Rubber Remover (Glew)

A premium quality product which is safe and highly concentrated. Ideal for removing vinyl glue deposits from paintwork and safe to use on plastic, perspex and glass.


Revolution (wheel cleaner)

A powerful alkaline wheel cleaner for alloy and steel wheels. Removes brake dust and ingrained dirt.


Gold (premium car wax)

Ideal for new cars or as a PDI wax. Easy application with no chalk residue, slight cut action with a complex blend of wax’s.


Revive (standard wax & cut)

Easy application with no chalk residue, medium cut action with a complex blend of wax’s.


RD50 Long Life Tyre Dressing

Fantastic results can be achieved with RD50, leaving a semi shine water proof finish on tyres and mud flaps. Non marking on showroom floors and long lasting.



Nu car fragrance, this dressing is ideal for leaving plastic and leather clean, fresh and rejuvenated. Mainly used on dashboards and plastic/leather trim.


Crystal Blue (standard)

A simple easy to use liquid glass cleaner, different solvent base with excellent results. Silicone free.



A unique all in one upholstery and carpet cleaner with optical brighteners, de-odorises and fabric conditioners. Leaving carpets and upholstery bright, clean and fresh.


Fresh Nu Car

Dilute "nu car" air freshener to your own strength, leaves a "nu car" fragrance giving the car a new feel and perception.